Dental Crown Journey 3.16.2018

Here is another dental crown journey I would like to share with you. I absolutely love restoring dental restorations that remind you of your old tooth / teeth but a better version (and I did mention that in my previous post)

Today, I just made someone smile again! That almost one week journey was tough as the patient had to endure her temporary crown. Nonethless, her pa-demure smile ended today and she can probably set her next photoshoot.

If you are curious about the material utilized, you are looking at an All Ceramic type of crown. This sort of material mimics the natural appearance of teeth. There are times I myself get mesmerized by its beauty too .

I shall be seeing this beautiful woman next week for her fluoride treatment due to some areas of demineralization. And in summer, we plan out to take out her wizzys (wizzys aka wisdom teeth).

As a dental clinician, I strive my best to deliver the expected appearance, anatomy, and shade of future tooth. The tooth prepared is a root canal treated tooth and has lost significant amount of tooth structure that doing conservative restorations such as onlay and inlay won’t suffice. One of the major concerns of patient is her full smile and she does a lot of photoshoot. I ensured the patient that she will get her beautiful smile back.

– Dr. Isabelle Segui


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